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I love to caputre people as they are with their own personalities and style.  I believe that photos are more than just pictures. They capture life and create something extraordanary out of the ordinary.  

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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General Session Information for Clients


This page just has a few tips and suggestions for your session. I want your photosession with me to be relaxed, fun experiences. These tips will also help ensure that get the most out of our time together!


My Philosophy


I love to capture people as they are with their own personalities and style. I believe that photos are more than just pictures. They capture life and create something extraordinary out of the ordinary.


Though a nicely posed picture is a must, I also adore natural smiles and moments. I want to capture you and your fiancé’ as you are, right now at this moment in your lives. I believe in capturing photos that are unique, creative, and original, above all, YOU. Of course, this also means sometimes taking a step outside a cookie-cutter portrait. I look for moments beyond a face just smiling at the camera (though I most certainly want to catch that too!). I want to capture the personality of every individual I photograph.


Given this, during our session together, you can expect the unexpected. I will most likely ask you do something a little out of ordinary, so just go with me on it. It’s how I create those amazing shots. I will also do some traditional portraits, but they will not be our entire session together. Most of all, I want to capture you and your fiancé interacting with each other, expressing the relationship that you share.


What to Wear


When planning your session clothing, remember that simple goes a long way! I like to keep the focus on you; simple clothing choices are best for creating timeless portraits. Busy designs and lettering on shirts will look distracting in the final photos. Additionally, solid white or light colored shirts can easily wash out in portraits, and consequently it’s usually better to avoid straight-up white shirts. Darker colors make for a more flattering portrait, though white shirts can most certainly be layered underneath darker clothing. I like to think of clothing as coordinating rather than matching. Usually, it’s helpful to choose several complimentary colors and have everyone dress in some combination of the chosen colors. Also, I like to think about textures and layers. Layers of textured, solid color clothing create beautiful photos, such as a sweater turtleneck and corduroy jacket. Feel free to run any clothing suggestions or ideas past me!




It’s very helpful if you can be on time for your session. Obviously, life happens and sometimes you’re late. I understand that. But I usually schedule my sessions right before sunset and I can only take photos about 15 minutes past sunset. So if you’re late to your session, I will not be able to take as many photos as I was planning to. This means that you will have fewer photos to choose from in the end.